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About Us

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The congregation was founded by

Mo. Edeltraud Danner, OSB in 1931  It combines contemplative and missionary life.  The Sisters strive to follow the Gospel and live their lives in community according to the Rule of St. Benedict and the Benedictine tradition.

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The Congregation is inspired and guided by its Vision which is the “glorification of God, through Christ, the Eucharistic King, in all things at all times.”  This Vision is realized through their Charism which is rooted in the Rule of St. Benedict, leading the Sisters always “to seek God and His Kingdom in a    stable community”    united in love.

Their prayer life is nourished by the Word of God and the sacraments, mainly in the Liturgy, the summit of which is the Holy Sacrifice of the Eucharist, the center of their life and mission.  Their common life is expressed in praying and working in community, in sharing goods, material and spiritual, in mutual service and encouragement.  


The Congregation collaborates in the mission of the Church by:

participating in the work of evangelization of the local Church through liturgical and pastoral ministries responding to the needs of the time.

helping the people among whom the Sisters live and work, especially the poor, to experience a fuller Christian life and love.


The Congregation is open to other expressions of monastic life and to new apostolic developments,         including foreign missions.  At all times and in every situation, the Sisters foster the bond of unity and love by living the  Benedictine way of life.


Guidelines in accepting Candidates

1.     Physically, psychologically, spiritually fit.

2.    Average intelligence and willingness to learn new things, preferably college graduate in any 2 or 4-year course.

3.    Good moral character, can live and work harmoniously with others

4.     Can accept corrections graciously.

5.     Single, at least 18 to 30 years old. Beyond this is a case to case basis.




The candidate still lives with her family. It could be that she is still a student or working but cannot decide yet when to enter.  We encourage the candidate to stay with the community for some days or during weekends for her to be more acquainted with the community.  Interviews and home visitations are usually conducted in this stage.


The candidate decides to enter the community. She stays with us and formal formation begins.  They have regular lessons and follow-up with the Postulant Directress.



The candidate receives her habit (dress as a sister) and is given a new name, after the name of a saint. She is already called by her religious name but she has no vows yet. After two years,  if she feels that she is happy in this kind of life and determines to go on, she applies for First  Profession of Vows.


She is a temporary professed sister – with vows of Obedience, Conversion of Life (which includes poverty and chastity), and Stability. After one year of preparation, she will be sent to any of the houses or mission stations of the congregation. She renews her vows every year for six years



She is a full-fledged member of the congregation.  She commits her life FOREVER to God.

Loving God, You desire that I search and discover my vocation in life. Whatever way I am called, be it religious life, single life or married life, You draw us all to one call to grow into the likeness of Your son JESUS CHRIST. In the silence of my heart, help me to discern Your will as I listen to You in prayer and the day to day events of my life. Graciously bless me with courage and strength to say YES  to Your dream for me. In faith, may I generously answer Your call. Guided by the Holy Spirit and inspired by Mary, our Mother, may I make Your choice my own so that I can faithfully follow Jesus toward the vision of the fullness of life in Your new creation. Amen.

St. Benedict and St. Scholastica; Pray for us!



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