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St. Benedict College of Northern Luzon Inc.



St. Benedict College of Northern Luzon, Inc. (SBCNL) was known as St. Benedict Institute (SBI).

On November 9, 1964 Mother Scholastica Alber, who was then the Dean of Mission of the Benedictines of the Eucharistic King, founded St. Benedict Institute.   This was to respond to the call of the Church for more effective and systematic religious instruction. The foundation was made possible through the support of Fr. Paul Brunner, SJ and Fr. Matthias Heghmans, SVD and the financial assistance of Fr. Jaeger, OSB of Missio Aachen.  

The Institute, which later was called St. Benedict Religion Teacher’s Formation Center and is now SBCNL, is owned and administered by the Congregation of Benedictine Sisters of the Eucharistic King.  It was given Government Recognition No. 56, s. 1969 effective July 7 of the same year.  From 1969 until the academic year 2018-2019, SBI operated as the Religious Education Department of the Divine Word College of Vigan (DWCV).

On the 15th of March, 2019, the Commission on Higher Education conferred its permission to SBI to operate as an educational institution autonomous from DWCV and under its new name, Saint Benedict College of Northern Luzon, Inc. 




We envision well-integrated and empowered Catechists/Christian educators and/or pastoral workers who form and train the community towards mature Christian faith.




Guided by this vision, the team of formators and educators embrace the tasks of:

  1. facilitating the integral formation of students - spiritual, emotional, mental, and social - through endeavors of and exposures on prayer and liturgy, psycho-spiritual-social integration, academic research, and extension. 


    2.  guiding them to be agents of socio-spiritual transformation;


    3.collaborating with the local churches in their pastoral thrusts and with other learning institutions for the students’ development as catechists/ educators;


   4. building, through dialogue, a transformative Christian community among students and formators where cultural, gender, and individual diversities are respected and valued.



- Teamwork 

- Academic excellence

- Loving service

- Integrity


Team Work

• Demonstrate value for community life through active participation and involvement in community activities, 

• Appreciate more the meanings involved in sacramental and liturgical celebrations especially those that call for community action.


Academic Excellence

• Sharpen intellectual equipment through habits of persistent effort and work,

• Cultivate a scientific outlook, creative and critical thinking, and an understanding of theories learned as well as of past and present events.


Loving Service

• Find, in Jesus’ example, the inspiration for a moral life and loving service to and with others,

• Motivated to take part in finding and bringing an end to social problems like corruption, poverty, and environmental destruction,

• Make a commitment, as shown in their personal habits and their individual and group activities, to help transform their communities and the society at large.



• Become familiar with approaches in moral discernment within the Christian tradition,

• Demonstrate awareness of the importance of Christian discernment when confronted with moral dilemmas.



The EMBLEMS in the SBCNL seal represents the school’s vision, mission, and values.


The CHI-RO signifies Christ who calls us and the


The LIGHT signifies that Christ, who is the source of light and truth, calls us to ‘let our light shine before all that they may see our good works and glorify our heavenly Father’ (Mt. 5:16).

The STAFF signifies St. Benedict whose devotion to the Gospel inspires us to follow Jesus’ life and works.

The OPEN BIBLE signifies the Word of God which the Catechist/Christian educator and/or pastoral worker is called to live and share.

The CROWN signifies Christ the Eucharistic King.  It stands for the congregation of Benedictine Sisters of the Eucharistic King, under whose guidance, future Catechists/Christian educators, and/or pastoral workers are formed, informed, and transformed.

The HORN signifies the proclamation of the good news in words and in deeds; the STARS signify the accolade that awaits faithful Christian educators – ‘those who instruct others in righteousness shall shine like stars forever’ (Dan. 12:3);

The LAUREL LEAVES signify the school’s pursuit for excellence.

The inscription on the seal – ‘SERVE WITH LOVE’ – is the guiding motto of SBCNL.



GOLD signifies the treasure that, as members of this institution, we hold above all: God.

BLUE signifies the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Benedict, and all the Saints whose example of blessed life inspires us to make wise life choices. 


RED signifies love, courage, discipline, and sacrifice which, as learners in the school of the Lord’s service, we practice.

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